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About The Writer

Interesting Life Makes for Great Copywriting
By James W. Collins, Attorney at Law
Sarasota, FL

Please allow me to introduce you to my friend - copywriter Dan Stuenzi. (That’s pronounced Sten´-zee like there’s no “u” in it!)

Dan Stuenzi, Copywriter
I know more about Dan than most people because we’ve been friends since 1972 when we first met in college. After college we were in each other’s wedding, attended graduate school together, and even worked in the same church as Pastor and Youth Pastor. Dan eventually switched careers from ministry to law, and I made the same decision several years later. After knowing one another for over 30 years, we ended up serving the same national association of attorneys. Since 1989, Dan has been drawing from his broad experience in life and business to write things that people understand and respond to. He is uniquely able to bring words to life and to persuade people to take action.

Let me tell you about some of the things Dan has accomplished, and how that applies to his world of copywriting. You can read about his specific services on another page of this website.

Dan’s writing is impacted by his experience as:

An Entrepreneur – From buying gold to starting a chain of coffee houses to the private practice of law, Dan has owned and operated several businesses. He knows what makes business owners tick. He knows the risks they face and the importance of strong marketing for growth and prosperity. He knows the stress of failure, and the sweet reward of success. If you’re a business owner, Dan understands your life and speaks your language.

A Pastor – As a former pastor, Dan understands people. From crisis and marital counseling to managing vast numbers of volunteers to working with non-profit boards, Dan is a student of human nature. He knows what motivates them, and has insight into their common hopes and fears. He has learned how to relate to virtually anyone, regardless of social status, race, occupation, or gender. That makes him an excellent communicator.

An Attorney – Dan founded and managed a very successful law firm in the collar counties surrounding Chicago. He has been in great demand as a public speaker – both to the legal and financial professions, and also to the public. He has a unique ability to take sophisticated and complex concepts and make them understandable to the listener. He’s a born story-teller. This skill is obvious in his writing as well, as he makes highly technical information both understandable and interesting. Having spoken before thousands of people in audiences large and small over the years, Dan can also help polish your speeches and public presentations.

A Business Executive – For several years Dan served as Chief Operating Officer of a national organization of attorneys. The combination of starting and running his own businesses, coupled with this more traditionally structured corporate experience allows Dan to understand the business and corporate world better than most. Besides the usual internal writing required to run any corporation (employee manuals, job descriptions, mission statements, newsletters, etc.), Dan also helps busy executives write articles for publication in their industry’s trade journals – thereby drawing attention to their company and their own accomplishments.

An Author – Dan has been writing most of his life. This has resulted in articles and educational curriculum for the professions, books and toolkits for marketing a law practice, brochures and recruiting materials, fundraising letters for non-profits, technical white papers, and even an award-winning screenplay! Practice makes perfect, and Dan has perfected the art of stringing words together to educate, to entertain, to excite, to motivate, and to persuade.

A Father – Dan has been married to his wife Shelly since 1976 and together they have six children. If your business serves children or families, Dan understands what it takes to break through their busy schedules and get their attention. He can help you reach through the clutter and the chaos and get them to listen to your message.

Obviously, I’m pretty impressed with my friend’s talent. I think you will be too. When your business or non-profit organization depends on clear communication of the written word to customers, donors, or your own team, you can’t do better than copywriter Dan Stuenzi.

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