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Frequently Asked Questions
About Hiring a Copywriter

  1. Arenít freelance copywriters expensive?
    As an independent contractor, the copywriter is only paid for results, and only when needed. You avoid employee overhead like payroll taxes, health care benefits, vacation pay, sick time, and other expenses. I prefer to charge a flat fee for a project, rather than charging hourly. That way, we can feel free to communicate with one another as often as necessary, and I can spend as much time as necessary in research, without either of us worrying about ďthe clock.Ē In addition, youíll also know, before the project ever begins, exactly how much it will cost.

  2. Iím a decent writer myself. Why should I hire someone else?
    By using a professional copywriter, you can preserve your time for those things that require your personal attention. Do what you do best, and delegate the rest. With a copywriter, you also avoid delegating the work to an employee who, though willing to help, may be unable to write to the standards you require. Once something is in print, your company will be judged by its quality for a long time. And even if youíre very good, a professional copywriter goes beyond putting words together with good grammar and a pleasing style. The copywriter knows how to write persuasively Ė how to sell your products and services to a targeted market.

  3. How can a copywriter know as much about my company, products, or services as I do?
    The copywriter will never know as much as you do about your business. But that often leads to better writing! When a person knows every detail about his or her business, customers might be given more information than they actually need to make a buying decision. (Itís like the watchmaker who tells a friend how the watch is made, when all that friend wanted to know was the time!) A professional copywriter will learn as much as possible about your business before writing about it. Thatís done through interviews and review of all existing materials about your company. However, the copywriter will also come with an objective outsiderís view of the business Ė the perspective of a customer rather than an owner. Often that helps to clarify both the needs of the customer and the marketing message itself.

  4. How long does it take to have materials written by a professional copywriter?
    That, of course, depends on the scope of the project. Many projects can be completed in a week, while full marketing packages that require in-depth research and numerous interviews may take several weeks. Besides background preparation and actual writing, all projects will require some time by the copywriter for creative, original thinking! My policy is to reach agreement with you on a firm deadline Ė and then meet that deadline every time. If you have an emergency project, shorter deadlines may be negotiated depending on current workload.

  5. What if I need a complete marketing package? Do you also provide graphic design, photography, print management, and other related services?
    I am a writer. Thatís what I love to do, and thatís what I do best. However, I collaborate with creative professionals from related fields who enjoy working with businesses like I do. If you need a complete turnkey solution, I am happy to assemble and coordinate a professional team that will carry your project from start to finish.
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