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Business & Marketing Resources

The purpose of this Business and Marketing Resources page is to provide links to helpful information for businesses of all kinds. Virtually all of my clients are business owners and entrepreneurs. The more successful you become, the more you might need my services!

Most of the information is free. However, you’ll find two sections of things that cost money, and they are clearly marked. The first section includes business books – in case you decide to buy one of the many books that I review and summarize in my monthly newsletter. The second section is advertising miscellaneous business courses, tapes, resources, and consultants.

Free Stuff
Courses & Consultants

Please note that the inclusion of an ad does not constitute an explicit endorsement. It does mean that as far as I know the product or service is legitimate, and they will refund all your money if you’re not satisfied. So I recommend that you view these ads the way you would commercials on TV. Check them out. Make a decision. If you don't like what you receive, ask for a refund. Knowledge is power, and these advertisers are listed because they provide information that I believe may be helpful to business people!