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Our Services

I specialize in results-oriented, persuasive writing of all types:

Direct Mail

  • Direct Mail Pieces & Packages – everything from a single sales letter to a full mailing package including envelope copy, letter, lift notes, order devices, etc. I’ll provide copy that will yield results.

Other Marketing & Advertising

  • Fundraising Letters – Donors are the lifeblood of a non-profit corporation. I can help you build long-term relationships with your base of benefactors, keeping them informed, and motivating them to continue to generously support your efforts.
  • Brochures – designed to match the style and culture of your company – from serious to whimsical – from simple to elaborate. I’ll create and maintain the image you want to portray to the marketplace.
  • Website Copy – people don’t read a website the same way they read a company brochure. Let me help you make your website more memorable and easier to browse.
  • Flyers and Fact Sheets – short copy for inserts, special announcements, at-a-glance summaries, or quick reference guides.
  • Radio Spots – Only have 20 seconds to get your point across? Let me help.
  • Audio and Video Scripts – Do you communicate through audio or video recordings? I can fine tune existing scripts, or write new ones from scratch.
  • Newsletters – a useful tool for maintaining “top of mind” awareness with your customers, vendors, investors, or employees. I can provide articles or write and edit the complete newsletter.
  • Catalog Descriptions – a small amount of space to provide convincing copy that sells. I write appealing copy for any audience.
  • Print Ads - I design order-producing display ads for newspapers and magazines
  • Books – perhaps you have a great "rags to riches" story, a cutting edge business idea, or an innovation that will change the world. It deserves the complete coverage that only a book can offer. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to see your name in print or you simply want to share the secret of your success. But the thought of actually writing it all down seems to be an insurmountable task. I will help you achieve that lifetime ambition – either as a co-author or a ghostwriter.

Public Relations Materials

  • Press Releases – most press releases are ignored by editors because they are too self-serving, or are merely announcements. I create press releases with a news “hook” that will motivate editors to print it and get you plenty of publicity.
  • Feature Articles – get your name and your company’s name featured prominently with an article in your industry’s trade journals. It enhances both your credibility and your visibility.
  • Case Studies – the case study tells the story of how a customer has used your product or service with great success, and the benefits they enjoyed. A great selling tool.
  • Corporate Profiles - tell your company's story in an interesting way that will engender customer trust and motivate them to do business with you

Corporate & Employee Communications

  • Annual Reports – Does your annual report reflect the true culture of your company? Is it exciting and forward-looking? Or is it merely a stodgy recitation of facts and figures? Let me provide the important information that your shareholders need without boring them to death!
  • Grant Proposals – I’ll help you tell your story in a convincing way so that they can’t wait to support your mission with a grant!
  • White Papers – often used in business to expound theories, explain new ideas, and promote agendas. I’ll make your white paper easy to read, logical, and persuasive.
  • Manuals – everything from an Employee Handbook to a description of benefits to specific office procedures to complex operations. Why should they be boring?
  • Letters and Memos – Do you struggle for hours creating just the right tone in a letter or internal memo? Why not spend your time on the things you do best, and let me handle the stuff you hate!

Other Services

  • User’s Guides & Reference Materials – booklets and pamphlets that explain your product or service and show your customers how to get the most from them.
  • Critique & Editing of Existing Materials – Perhaps you have materials that have been effective for a long time, and they merely need some updating. Or informational materials that need to be re-engineered as marketing tools. I am happy to edit existing materials and add that little extra something that makes them more effective.
Don’t hesitate to ask if you need something that isn’t listed here. If it has to do with the written word, I can help.

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