Comfortable & Productive Workspace Optimization Recommendations

Recently I had experienced both physical and mental set-backs that effected my writing and work productivity due to the set-up and tools I had been using to work remotely.

I have been inspired to share what I have implemented to improve my remote workspace!

I will update this blog with all the details about how ignoring my discomfort for hours with pictures of my before and after set up adjustments along with products I value and the ones I wasted money on so that perhaps I can save others out there some cash while helping inspire advanced comfort levels to maximize remote work productivity outcomes.

Currently I wear this comfy vest-support- posture corrector and I no longer have

clavicle (collar bone) popping, shoulder stiffness, or neck soreness after writing.

Check it out below if you have noticed poor posture or shoulder/back pains since working from home and if interested you should get a discount coupon too!

  • Posture Corrector for Women and Men,-Upper Back Brace Straightener Posture Corrector for Clavicle Chest Support :

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