Comfortable & Productive Workspace Optimization Recommendations

Updated: Jun 26

I started working remotely pre-pandemic however my remote workspace was not optimal utilizing my foldable craft table and a folding chair to work on projects with my Lenovo laptop >>I love my Lenovo >>

Fast-forward as the pandemic shifted work life, I took on an increased workload yet lacked the sufficient equipment to productively and comfortably work. I noticed my eyes started blurring from hyper-focusing when designing and formatting on the computer all day. Eventually working with a mod-podge of repurposed non-ergonomic furniture led to my posture becoming hunched-up almost as if I was trying to crawl into the computer screen. I made a check-list of what I thought I needed and I have decided to blog about what I purchased that impacted my work the most.

The desk I originally purchased was this one linked here>>

However I just ordered an office chair (review on chair next!) because setting on my HUGE yoga ball and or folding chair has ran me into the ground physically and caused my mental focus to suffer.

I have been working back and forth going from my standing desk literally to work from my leather sofa or my bed... so yes we are talking super comfortable right?! Wrong! I tried to use one of my kids plastic breakfast/homework tray tables but it was quite limiting because it restricts mobility and if you move at all it wobbles and puts the computer at risk.

My colleague, a fellow writer, recommended this dual purpose desk >> pictured above. As a writer, I can see how this provides for late night writing, early morning email, and a general purpose "work-from-bed" station however I prefer my standing desk until my feet need a break.

If your struggling with your current at home or remote workspace due to technical slow-downs, I recommend Lenovo Ideapad laptops. If you are becoming restless or having butt numbness or joint aches, I recommend a fully mobile and adjustable standing/sitting desk. I would love to hear about the type of remote office equipment that has or has not worked for you. I recently learned the hard way how truly essential it is to create a space where you can continuously work without developing bad habits or poor ergonomics in order to maintain motivational focus and productivity.

I will update soon when my chair arrives with pictures and feedback of my updated workspace!

!!!!!!! After a long search and testing out office chairs I found one that fits my space and supports my upper and lower back. I am loving my Serta Air Lumbar Bonded Leather Manager Office Chair, in Black!

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