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Published on January 24, 2021

Status is online Ashlie Danielle Woodard 🎯 Professional Resume Writer & Career Consultant 🏅 3 articles

While performing my daily research, analysis, and writing, I read an article posted Jan. 4 2021 on Recruiting Is Top HR Concern in 2021. The article is important in so many ways, but in particular because I am working on an Application/Hiring Process investigation paper, and I will use it to post an in-depth article to try and provide a path to alleviate consistent job seeker, HR, and employment frustrations. So, with that being said, I wanted to highlight a few areas within the article. Roy Maurer, Online Manager/Editor, Talent Acquisition for SHRM states that "within talent acquisition, attracting top talent is seen as the most difficult issue to navigate, followed by ensuring candidates feel safe to work onsite, hiring a diverse workforce, managing virtual recruiting and onboarding practices, and dealing with a high volume of applicants." I am having difficulty as to why talent acquisition is constantly described as such a challenge. My perspective and experience interacting with job seekers, recruiters, and HR professionals to provide talent for a specific job can be determined rather easily and quickly if one has an effective process to identify and confirm candidate qualifications. My theory is that the key contributing factors of talent acquisition difficulty is actually related more to the application systems and hiring routine processes within an organization which perpetuate this notion mentioned by Maurer that talent acquisition is difficult. Emily Scace, legal editor at XpertHR, said that separate research identified poor applicant quality as the top challenge related to recruitment. "This may be the result of a genuine skills gap for certain roles, or it may be at least partially a result of employers' recruiting practices," she said. From my understanding and again my perspective working with both sides of this employment equation, if the job advertised is written in a clear-cut and informative way, the professionals that take interest in the job role would have related qualifications to adhere to requested requirements. Now, I know anyone with internet access can fill out an application or use a fake resume; however, if the application process itself is enhanced effectively enough, it would greatly reduce unqualified candidate applications. Additionally, I feel that a major negative contributor to the “poor applicant quality” is directly correlated to pure frustration. It is astounding that some organizations require 2+ hours to complete a one-size-fits-all application on a platforms that implements a questionnaire model for candidates to answer 10+ questions, requests an updated cover letter/resume, and then proceeds again to ask for applicants to fill out the same redundant information on digital platform pages. Providing an abundant amount of redundant data to a computer system without any guarantee of human interaction or communication thereafter at all! We recognize telephonic robot automation for customer service cultivates negative customer experiences and feedback and harms corporate reputation for lack of trust in empathy or care for customers. So, why are we continuing to force potential future talent to go through this similar type of application experience that seems to be both an internal and external issue? Having to sift through a high volume of applicants is another challenge. "Less time per applicant could make hiring managers more likely to rely on shortcuts to determine which candidates to advance—an approach that can exclude a significant portion of the talent pool, perpetuate biases and fail to identify the best candidates for the job," Scace said. Okay, why are we taking such a "high volume of applicants" in the first place? Keep it simple, keep it real with upfront communication, and accept ten applicants for review between open and close dates. Once those ten applications are received, evaluated, and the ideal candidates identified, the very next step should be to communicate with ALL ten! Thanking the applicants for their time and providing feedback within one week of their application, I would say, is reasonable and respectable. In conclusion, if promoting from within is unavailable for the needed job fulfillment then the next critical steps would be to advertise that need externally. If your organization is flooded with poor quality candidates and at high-volumes, I think that should indicate a demand to audit your application process, the tools/resources being used, and the protocols set within the designated hiring system. I would also like to address the concept that if a business has partnered with or outsourced their HR and hiring process to be managed by another professional enterprise then they definitely should not be experiencing the aforementioned talent acquisition difficulties. Sources: Maurer, Roy. 01/04/2021. Recruiting Is Top HR Concern in 2021.

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