Staying stylish on a Budget

Updated: Jun 28

So, I don't know about everyone but for me the pandemic really took a tole on my workout routine and my professional style. After researching and comparing stylish watches, I went with this Garmin vivomove HR, Hybrid Smartwatch for Men and Women in White/Rose Gold because I love rose gold and all the features included in this perfectly designed and waterproof timepiece. I literally wear this watch everyday!

Since I originally purchased this beauty almost a year ago today, I have lost 10lbs with its step tracker, heart monitor, and Bluetooth linking technology that has helped me to maintain my daily goal to be active hitting 10K steps or close to 10K. I love this stylish watch and Garmin is an amazing brand, I highly recommend that you click here or on either photo display below if you are looking for a unique time piece that is both stylish and will provide you with a health boost throughout each day!

Additionally, I am trying out this personal stylist offer on Amazon with my prime membership to see if $5 per month will provide efficient wardrobe solutions after somewhat loosing my mojo during the pandemic pj trend.

I will keep you posted with pictures and reviews and if you are interested to try this service and possibly compare feedback notes click the image link below to learn more and stay stylish friends!

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